about idol-nft
Idol-NFT is the first blockchain platform dedicated to promoting a closer relationship between celebrities and their fans through the sale of NFTs. More than a simple relationship platform, Idol-NFT was planned to be a movement focused on celebrities from all sectors, delivering revenue and benefits for both parties.

NFTs developed by Idol-nft are designed to deliver celebrity’s fans real experiences in real environments where fans will literally be with their idols at events, restaurants, clubs, awards, or spending time together in some paradise around the world, with everything paid for by Idol-NFT.

In addition to the possibility of meeting your idol in person, Idol-NFT will deliver prizes containing items with the identity of your favorite idol, which can be a personal item used by the idol or a gift specially developed by Idol-NFT with the celebrity creating identity, with participation opportunities for all Idol-NFT owners.

Owners of (at least) 1 Idol-NFT will also be able to vote through our social media on celebrities they want to see in our projects, what they would like from celebrities to deliver to Idol-NFT owners, as well as in non-profit institutions around the world that will receive amounts and benefits on the sales of Idol-NFTs.

The development of the Idol-nft project has as a priority to the real delivery of a celebrity's time with their fans, but that doesn't mean that once you've used your Idol-nft NFT, the usefulness of this NFT ends, quite the opposite, once you own an Idol-NFT, you become part of a select community of “whited listed” users to participate in advance of projects to be released by Idol-NFT at pre-launch prices, in addition to be drawn to receive gifts and participate in promotions.

You will also be able to resell your NFT to others interested in participating in future pre-releases of other celebrities who may not be of interest to you, and you will still receive a 1% royalty whenever the NFT initially “minted” by you changes hands.