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Tennis is his greatest passion! A super-complete sport at all levels and that requires maximum dedication to reach the top.He started playing at the age of 4, at home, on the family tennis court, where he usually saw his father, uncle and friends play just for fun.The fascination with sport arises at this time and, besides tennis, football was another passion, but only one has prevailed until today.He became a professional tennis player at the age of 18, at about the same time he joined the University of Medicine in Lisbon.

He reached the 10th place in ITF Juniors in 2003, the 105th ATP Doubles in 2010, the 62nd in the ATP Singles ranking in 2011, proudly recalls its participation in the Davis Cup at Centralito do Jamor, the human warmth and good energy during the final of the Estoril Open ATP 2010 and when he reached the quarter-finals at the Monte Carlo Masters ATP 2011, at the time he was among the 8 best tennis players in the world of clay.He helped to elevate the name and status of tennis in Portugal. He made the new generation believe it was possible to go beyond everything that had been achieved internationally until then.


Frederico Gil, in addition to being an excellent tennis player during his professional career as an athlete, has also been standing out as a businessman, founder of the "FREDGIL ACADEMY" as it is known in Portugal and in the world.FREDGIL ACADEMY has a unique methodology, developed and perfected by himself through his many years of experience as a tennis professional and focusing not only on techniques, but also on the physical and mental conditioning that the sport requires for a simple athlete to become a winner in life and sport.


In addition to sports, Frederico understood that his performance in his career as an athlete has won fans of all ages around the world, and that many times they are not professional athletes but would like to participate in some way in his world. It was then that Fred saw the opportunity and created Frederico Gil “Experiences”, a totally innovative concept that allows those interested to participate in incredible experiences alongside their idol as a host and offering training that includes physical and mental conditioning through practical and theoretical classes as well as many leisure activities in fantastic properties that are already part of its portfolio as shown in the following list:
Quinta Casal Sta. Maria | The history of this Quinta dates to the beginning of the 18th century. The main house was built in 1720 and surprisingly managed to survive to the 1755 earthquake due to the granitic structure of Serra de Sintra. In the 19th century, the former owners of Quinta Casal Sta. Maria produced wines, but consumption and historical events caused wine production to cease in 1903. The renovation and construction of all the houses that make up Quinta Casal Sta. Maria, it tooks 3 years. Until 1974, we had cow's milk production, as well as some chickens and vegetable gardens. “I remember those times with great nostalgia.”
Quinta da Bella Vista | The historic Quinta da Bella Vista was owned by the famous British writer and father of “Sherlock Holmes”, Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930), who has lived with his family since 1890. Annette, the Sir Arthur's sister, and youngest son Adrian were almost permanent residents here in the early 1950s. Local legend has it that “The Dogs of Baskerville” were in fact inspired during Sir Arthur's stay at Quinta da Bella Vista.
Pine Cliffs Resort | Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort is one of the most prestigious and award-winning luxury resorts in Europe, offering a privileged and spectacular location in front of the sea, on the magnificent Algarve coast, in the south of Portugal. Pine Cliffs Resort is managed by The Luxury Collection – Marriott International brand, which offers a diverse set of accommodation options, investment opportunities and a luxury lifestyle for the whole family. There are several investment options in Real Estate, such as luxury real estate products: the new first-of-the-sea Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, Pine Cliffs Residence, Pine Cliffs Terraces, Pine Cliffs Deluxe Villas, and vacation options at Pine Cliffs Vacation Club.
Arribas Sintra Hotel | A unique accommodation experience with maximum comfort, an incomparable place in Sintra. An ideal package for lovers or curious about Tennis for specific and specialized training aimed at professional athletes or just to enjoy the training moment in this singular and unique place in the charming village of Sintra in Portugal.
Outpost, Casa das Arribas | Located on the cliffs near the village of Azenhas do Mar, with views that stretch from Cabo de Roca to the beaches of Ericeira, the apartments combine the amenities of a luxury hotel with the space and privacy of a summer home. A remote corner by the sea, the Casa is a short walk from the village of Azenhas do Mar and a secret beach and less than 45 minutes from Lisbon and the airport, Sintra, Cascais and many other paradise beaches.

Idol-NFT is developing an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project together with Frederico Gil where we intend to connect the proposals of the former professional athlete to his target audience through an offer of NFTs with specific functions where the owners of each of the rarities of NFTs that will be offered, will have an exclusive delivery with added value for both parties because NFTs are like that, they have no expiration date and once you acquire an NFT, it will benefit you forever, or if you lose interest you can sell on secondary markets and still make money selling them.

Frederico Gil's NFTs will have the function of a “voucher or ticket” that can be used according to their rarity and price to participate in activities at events designed by Fred Gil with the dissemination and sales through the platform