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Idol-NFT is the first platform developing NFT projects for celebrities. Idol-NFT’s proposal is to allow fans to get closer to their idols using blockchain technology, through a personalized NFT project which permits the celebrity to donate a portion of its time to its community of followers to participate in activities that are already part of their lives, whether in art, sports, music or even as a Master Chef, delivering a real experience with their idols only for the holders of Idol-NFTs.

Below we mention some barriers between celebrities and their fans and the solutions that Idol-NFT intends to deliver through the sale of its NFTs:

Accessibility to celebrities
Social networks have been increasingly responsible for bringing celebrities and their fans closer. Breaking down barriers between the public and their idol, this tool allows fans to express their admiration and have direct contact with the famous. While it brings these advantages, it is also a channel that can lead to hate speech much more easily, in addition to the high exposure of private life, resulting in wear and tear.
Sponsorship and source of income
The path to becoming a celebrity, whether as an artist, musician, athlete or in any other sector that allows great exposure of image, is usually full of challenges, including financial ones, which in certain cases makes the ideal development for that talent impossible.
Accessibility to celebrities | Idol-NFT aims to bridge the gap between fans and celebrities through our NFT sales system where the owner or holder of NFTs will have the chance to participate in various events and activities with their favorite idol, in addition to receiving exclusive items depending on the level of activity within the Idol-NFT ecosystem.
Sponsorship and source of income | In addition to the immense benefits that NFTs will bring to celebrities and whoever owns them, part of the funds raised from the sales of Idol-nft NFTs will be donated in the form of aid to needy communities through education and training centers where we intend to help develop new talent.
Our projects allow our celebrities' NFT owners to participate in REAL meetings with their idol, as well as a lot of interaction through activities that will be organized by Idol-NFT.
Events organized in prominent locations (hotels, beach or country houses, etc.) with the presence of your favorite idol and his guests.
Idol-NFT is negotiating partnerships with companies from different sectors of the market to offer our NFT owners’ exclusive opportunities.
Holders of (at least) one IDOL-NFT will be able to vote on the future of the community, which in turn will play an important role in expanding the ecosystem.
real world Usefulness
Real encounters with your favorite Idol at parties, lunches, dinners, events, etc., all arranged in advance between Idol-nft and the celebrities involved in the project.
Commercial use
Last but not least, holders of Idol-NFTs will have all commercial use rights to their NFTs, which can be held, sold or transferred at will.
Idol-NFT has been registering with Brazilian non-profit institutions and NGOs, and soon, African communities among other countries and intends to collaborate in order to improve the quality of life in these communities with investments for education and training of members of these communities.
The ecosystem being created for Idol-NFT revolves around travel, events, entertainment, social media interactions and celebrities, all organized by the Idol-NFT development team to deliver the best possible outcome to the owners of our NFTs.
It's thanks to blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that today's celebrities and influencers can implement new ways to better interact with their fans and audiences. The Idol-NFT project is taking this concept even further, building an ecosystem that offers, through our NFTs, the opportunity for their owners to participate in real activities with their idols side by side.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Mas o que isso significa? O que é DAO?
Idol-NFT is already developing a DAO platform, which will be a Launchpool for social and ecological projects, that is, an organization where the main decisions are made by the communities that hold parts of the company through governance tokens and NFTs, and will allow the inclusion of projects that require investment and need support from communities to be feasible.

The usefulness of the NFT depends on its rarity, the smaller the supply the greater the deliveries to the NFT owners of one of our celebrities. The Idol-NFTs to be released are under development, however the information about the delivery of each celebrity or organization that has already signed with Idol-NFT is already available on this site, just click on the NFT image of your Idol and you'll find out everything he's offering for the happy future owners of his NFTs.

Atividades com atletas profissionais
Passeio de barco e Jet Ski
Conheça o dia a dia
de seu idolo
Festas, almoços, jantares e happy hours com as celebridades
Dia dentro de estúdios para acompanhar a gravação de músicas
Acesso ao camarim e ao Back Stage no show do seu ídolo
Almoços e jantares em restaurante consagrados
Atividades com atletas profissionais
Passeio de barco e Jet Ski
Conheça o dia a dia
de seu idolo
the nfts

Idol-NFT's are developed exclusively for each celebrity who, through their community of followers, aims to promote a closer relationship between idols and their fans.


We have much more to come! Once we reach a sales milestone, we will immediately start working on completing the tasks indicated below.

Please note: this is our first roadmap design, it will evolve a bit before release. The central objective is to transparently document the fundraising process in social projects.

Pre-launch Idol-NFT
Pre-launch of our first NFT project.
APRIL • 2022
Incorporation of sales tools into the platform
Connection with Metamask and creation of tools for selling NFTs directly on the Idol-NFT website.
JULY • 2022
Development team
Preparation of the event agenda and team building to organize all items offered to NFT holders.
Presenting the results to the world
NFT raffles, information to the winners, holding of the first events, filming, prize giving and gifts.
DAO Platform
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Development platform with a governance token to unite all idol-NFT projects in a single community.
Is a non-fungible token. A technology used to offer unique properties to digital assets within a Blockchain network.
It's a new reality. Almost anything from the real world can be turned into an NFT to be traded in a unique way and never before possible through programming within the blockchain.
And their digital communities have arrived to change the way celebrities interact with their fans through deliveries that were not possible before the blockchain revolution.
welcome to the future